Mlem, mlem! Washy is alright

Just a lazy day doing nothing like most days. The real cat life to the maximum meow!

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The neighbours horse

She just likes horsing around and giving funny looks to the camera.

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And what we have here, hooman!

It’s a Washington starting down at you. Just woke up and time for food now.

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Working little insect on a flower

Caught this insect gathering pollen from a flower. They carry it on they little legs!

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A little kitten with big dreams

The young kitten Orange has already big dreams for when he grows up! And a leaf hat.

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Focus on broken flower

A flower with a little hole on top in one of its pedals. Focus on foreground with green background.

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A beautiful sunset

On vacation the sun was setting in the distance and a thunder storm was nearing.

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Meow there, I am George the cat

Guardian of the internet, brother of Washington and cat resident with stux.

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Missy the cool dog

But only when she feels like it because you know, cool dogs and attitude and such!

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Sunshine, sunflowers and summer

The best time of year, brings also some amazing opportunities for nature photography.

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That’s one lazy day for George

After all that hunting from past night this big cat has gotta rest for a while.

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And I meow Washington!

Meow there, I am Washington or Washy for short. Brother of George and meow meow.

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Plant closeup focus

Somewhere in nature I caught this lone beauty waiting to be photographed.

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Silly cat being silly

Playful Washy gets into funny positions sometimes when going all for it!

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Do you know that stux

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South Park - Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn is a band led by Stan in the Season Twenty-Three episode "Band in China". The band consists of Stan as the lead singer, Butters as guitarist and backup vocalist, Kenny as bassist, and Jimmy as drummer. Kyle and Cartman join the band later in the episode.

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Caturday With George & Washy Cats

Caturday starring George and Washington cats. Have a most wonderful Caturday.

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Cute little Washy cat, big purz

Washington always lets people know when he's more happy than usual by purring very loudly.

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Adult Butters Explains NFTs to Denny's

Adult Butters pitches NFTs to Denny's Applebee's Max. From South Park POST COVID - Part 2.

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Put It Down - South Park

"Put It Down" is the second episode in the twenty-first season of the American animated television series South Park.

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Last Will and Testimeow: Weekend at Dead Cat Lady's House II

Last Will and Testimeow: Weekend at Dead Cat Lady's House II is a movie written and directed by Jerry Smith C-500A. The trailer for this movie could be watched with an Interdimensional Cable.

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When George & Washy eat they make a mess

Because eating needs to be fun and messy. The hoomans will clean up anyways..

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